The Catholic Church Is Good

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"The Catholic Church Is Good" is part of a parody art project that reimagines Maoist-era Chinese Communist Party propaganda songs as Catholic anthems.  

(We attempted to embed our lyric video but we're having trouble.  Here's the link to it on YouTube: The Catholic Church Is Good Lyric Video, YouTube)

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The Catholic Church Is Good

The Catholic Church is good
The Catholic Church is good
She’s how we know we’re leading
Christian lives like we should

Food needs salt
Eyes need light

While sailing on the sea
A ship needs her captain
Just the same the Christian life
It needs to thwart sin

The Catholic Church will lead and make it happen
Will lead us to a win!

The Catholic Church is good
And the Catholic Church was first
By the laying on of hands
Christ’s authority traversed

Through all time
Down the line

“I will call you ‘Rock’
And on this rock I build my Church”

Marx said of religion, “Trash opium”
But Christ beget to Peter
The keys to the kingdom
The keys to the kingdom!

The Catholic Church is good
The Catholic Church is best
The Church preserves the culture
Of the Occident

Greece to Rome
To Washington

To those who say the secular
Can save a nation
We will say just how we got
This culture from its nascence

Two thousand years of Christianization

The Catholic Church is good
The Church she takes her stand
Protecting life and marriage
And the rights of the working man

The sacred path
Of our saints

To follow Christ is
Following his commands

Give water to the thirsty (Love one another)
Visit those in jail (Love God with all your heart)
We educate the yearning (Go and make disciples)
On a massive scale (From near and far)

So, join us on this trail!

Artist: Captain Hogcurl's Dacha Porch
Title: The Catholic Church Is Good
Album: The Catholic Church Is Good
Composer: Benjamin Faust

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Catholic Church Is Good

Captain H: I fixed your YouTube embed. You should click on Source and paste it in. Then click on Source button again to switch back to visual editor. The instructions are at the top of the home page.

You have some nice vocal polyphony going toward the end. I would be careful of rushing certain phrases. Some are hard to understand unless one is watching the YouTube subtitles. Don't try to pack too much into a line. 

These songs styled as miltary marches and national anthems are similar to parody songs done by Nick Alexander. See

Preview Nick's parody songs at iTunes:

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Embedding video

Thank you for fixing that. I had done it correctly with the last one and apparently forgot how. Thank you also for the feedback! 

The fix is in.

Yes, I remember you did it correctly on prior posts. You are welcome. Keep those songs coming. By the way, Nick Alexander was one of the founders of this website. Drop him a line and tell him that you appreciate what he and a few other members of CAM (Catholic Association of Music) started back in 2007.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Nick Alexander

Yes sir. I checked out and enjoyed his music. I also emailed him back in April at his email associated with his web site. 

You emailed him back in April

See how dim my memory is? Oh well. Maybe Nick will resurface soon. He has verve.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Memory not dim

Your memory is fine, I believe I just communicated that I was going to write him but I don't know if I told you that I had actually written him ha ha. Yes, he does have verve. :-)

The lyrics are good

Captain H: So far, I haven't commented much about your lyrics. They are good. They teach the truths and aims of the Catholic Church in catchy rhyming phrases. I hope that people of all ages will benefit from these lessons.

I like this short stanza:

Food needs salt
Eyes need light

Well said!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Lyrics and song

Thank you. There are 3 more of this type. One you haven't heard yet but will soon and two that get recorded tomorrow. The Chinese propaganda songs seems to require tight and punchy lyrics. It's not the case with fully original stuff which will start to trickle out after that, at least a few songs to make enough to have a CD to hand to the old ladies who sit near me after Mass!
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