Population Growth and Catholicism

People are often surprised to learn that the world population will peak and begin to decline by the year 2100 (U.N. projection).  Our Catholic teachings on sexuality and life are quite robust. Here's a student film (short, silent and for a 'Film 101' class so it's not fancy) we have commandeered to be part of our propaganda machine, most importantly by laying our music over top of it.  Original film, before we stole it, was called "The Gene Pool".  Now we call it after the song underneath it, "The Catholic Church Is Good".  


Love it.

Great song and video. I always find myself tapping my foot and smiling to the music you have done that I have listened to. Really great music Captain. Thank you for sharing

Thank you, sir!


Thank you for your kind words!  I enjoy your stuff as well. :-)
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