You're The One

You're The One, is a song by Decker Brown, as he requested me to sing this song for him and his family.  Decker composed this song 10 years ago.  Thanks Decker for asking me to be a part of this lovely song.

I dedicate this song to all peoples searching for their "one".
And for all lovers and dreamers in our world!!!
And to my lovely wife, Mimi!!!
Also to our grandson, Misiri!!!


You're The One is spot on.

Well played and sung, Rene. I like this one. Give my regards to Decker Brown.

Coincidentally, I penned a song called "You're the One" back in 2009. I posted it here at TCS several years ago but just refreshed the story to include my two takes on the song with two differnet collaborators – one classical and the other rock. Search for "You're the One" to find it.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Hi Richard, I will pass your

Hi Richard,
I will pass your good word to Decker!
It has been a while since I had communbicated wioth you.
And great to hear from you.
I have been busy with a few good folks wanting to collaborate in songwriting.
What keeps you busy these days?
Warm regards,
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