Free Holy Week Anthems from St. James Music Press

Mark at St. James Music Press writes: Since Holy Week and Easter is just a whistle away, we've just put some new music up on the site. But more than that - our good friend and cohort, Robert Lehman, has composed two short anthems for Holy Week that are yours for the downloading. FREE. (Yes, free.) The Mandatum - A simple and stunning setting of the text traditionally used for the anthems sung at the footwashing service on Maundy Thursday. If you don't have a footwashing service, still consider these for your Maundy Thursday/Holy Week services. You can sing them at communion as well. Crux Fidelis (anthem for Good Friday) And, of course, these are FREE! No charge! Yes, it's true. You do have to log-in to your account. Peruse the music and a give them a listen (using the "preview" icon on the right). If you like them, go ahead and download the PDF file, print them out, make as many copies as you need, and use them in good health! So if you haven't given up good music for Lent, head on over to the site and take a look. Other NEW Offerings This Joyful Eastertide - J. William Greene For Organ - based on the hymn tune Vreuchten. Great for a prelude or postlude anytime during the Easter season. Good Friday Reproaches - Richard Shephard Traditionally done during the Good Friday service, here is a new setting with new language from Common Worship (UK). Easily accomplished by a good choir, since everything repeats a number of times. Heart rending and especially effective. And twenty-five new 2014 offerings for Lent, Palm Sunday, and Easter. Give us a look. You won't be sorry! A subscription that includes EVERYTHING on the site is still just $139 per year. Yes, everything! Our best wishes for a Holy Ash Wednesday. Your friends at St. James Music Press PS. If you are a user of Facebook, please "like" us: We can get a lot of information about new and upcoming works, free music, and events on this page. And, quite frankly, we're very likable! Contact Us phone: 877.822.0304