Honeysuckle Sweet

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After a somewhat difficult day at work( I worked 33 yeas as a special needs teacher) my wife greeted me with her usual smile and hence this song.
The air laced with honeysuckle sweet - cool clear freshwater ah what a treat. Wildflower fields waiving in the southern afternoon breeze. Just resting my pilgrim feet on the road today they took some heat. I’m not complainin I’m just sayin thanks for the relief.
Commin home I open the door - I see your smiling face and so much more - a peace that radiates the peace that emanates from the Lord God we adore. True Love casts out all fear whether your far away whether your near - our love He purifies His Love we magnify Holy crystal clear. The Spirit blows where He wills - He Loves to come to us when we’re quiet and still - The Spirit of Truth -  pure fire of Love from heaven above falling on us. Our souls He penetrates our prayers He radiates with His love divine 
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