True Friend

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Dying and not even knowing empty and sick of it  What he treasured 
Gone by all his pleasures run dry cruising online trying to find anything to fill his insatiable mind - hours and not filling it tired of 
Cruising it Thoughts flashed in his head as he crawled into bed
Wrestles and wired and oh so tired of his life and work and not knowing why tossing and turning he heard the phone ringing  an old friend calling from twenty years passing talking online to a friend
So fine filled his eyes with tears the first time in twenty years.
His friend came right over and realized when he saw what he had thrown away and the price he paid His sin she forgave and he did the same and she revealed her heart their son had died at five and after years of sorrow she was given mercy and faith and she prayed that he 
Receive the same Through her that grace came grace opened his heart
And he freely accepted God’s mercy and His gift of Faith. 
  What a true friend can do - being there with you - when you're hopeless
blue - he helps you through -  for you he loves and his life freely gives
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