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This song is in the spirit/tradition of the Psalms of lament and complaint. There are more psalms of lament and complaint than of any other psalm type.  The life-setting or our human condition is betrayed by the complaint itself. The psalm/prayer acknowledges what the Johannine verse declares outright:  “Lord, to whom shall we go; you have the words of eternal life” (6:67).  Some psalms are community laments while others are deeply personal laments.  We( I) appeal to God for help, to win God’s sympathy by describing the nature of the complaint—sickness, danger of death, sin, old age, and God's seeming absence. Descriptions may be interrupted by repeated requests, pleading for God’s intervention–his justice and fidelity.  Psalms about being unjustly accused of false charges or of being unjustly treated are part of the complaint psalms. 
The collective psalm finds its life-setting in a national calamity, such as defeat in battle.  The structure is similar to that of an individual lament: cry for help, description of distress and request, and the motifs for God’s intervention.  Some of these psalms are: Psalms 3, 4, 7, 10, 13, 69, and many others—46, 73, 78, 79, 82, 88, 105, 136. 
O Everywhere reflections abound of you In the dark cloudy night 
Where Faith is the only light. And your hidden Face by your grace
Is our only true delight O everywhere despair You seem not to care
still, I call out Your Name in this suffering, doubt, and pain, and You
Whisper this is your cross is the flame of Love perfecting you’re
Being refined in My Love divine this is your rite of passage to Me
Let your cross burn bright and I’ll make it a light shining in the 
darkness of these days - of these days. O everywhere the remnant 
Plant seeds of Hope and Light deep in the parched earth imploring 
Your grace for a new birth and they see it flow and the sprouts grow
And in this, You take great delight. O everywhere you expose the lies about You With your outstretched arm the storms of violence you
Calm and the hidden face of evil you unmasked and his pride you
Smash. To the desert, you lead us to fast and pray. In the deserted places far from the world’s distraction and Your Holy Spirit purifies 
us by His holy fire and action. O our flesh is weak and battles our 
spirit but in solitary prayer with You in the depths of our hearts our spirit rest in Your peace and You strengthen us for the battles.
and You honor us to share in Your cross and Your victory over death
and sin -  by Your grace, we will see Your face through our cross of passage to You Let our cross burn fright and You’ll make it a light
shining in the darkness of these days in this holocaust.


Thanks for listening and answering our laments in Your Way

Thank You to all who have helped in any way to respond to our complaints Ron
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