Peter's Song

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Peter's Song with guitar lead sheet!

Thanks for sharing this. It is mellow, beautiful and meaningful. These are surely the words of Christ as heard by the Apostle Peter.

What's more, Peter's Song is performance-ready with the guitar lead sheet you provide. Welcome to Top Catholic Songs!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Thank you!

Thank you Richard! - much appreciate your kind words.   
Pax Christi!

- Chuck 

Thanks for sharing

Very beautiful and thanks for giving us the lyric and music sheet music. Keep the songs coming!
Ron St Martin


Mel Tormé, aka "The Velvet Fog", comes to mind. After you finish mass and then your show at the Comedy Club, do a set of Standards at the local piano bar. Nice voice and lyrics!

During my Spiritual Exercises class today, we got into the exchange between Jesus and Peter. Providential! Well done, Dcn Chuck! I can just imagine you providing the music and song as God judges each individual on the Day of Judgment. Between his mercy and your mellifluous voice, we can all dare to hope that all will be saved! God bless my dear friend. 

Thanks Von!

Thank you for your kind words Von!

Next time the Catholic Comedy Tour comes through NJ, I'll let you know!  

Pax Christi,

Dcn. Chuck 

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