The Lord of Pure Joy

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A little tune celebrating humor. A Joy-filled gift from the Lord. that we need to develop and employ in our current times. LYRICS:
                                                                      The Lord of Joy
1) Your will unfolds for us in time 2) and us you purify/ refine 3You call us to rest in you 4and to share your Love and Truth
1)for in truth lies our freedom 2) and the glory of your kingdom 3)the powers of hell shall not prevail 4) as we undergo travail
1 Evil inspires a foul rumor 2) that dead is our sense of humor 3) the Lord of pure joy smiles 4) so we join him in pure laughter
1 Two men were arguing bitterly 2 then burst into laughter suddenly 3) they were rehearsing for a play 4) called The Comedy of Our Folly
1 Called to love our human enemy 2) to admonish each other in humility 3) Our pride is full of irony 4) humor helps to laugh at our folly
1 With humor we can deflate 2)our pride that laughs to denigrate 3)You give us a sense of humor 4to love each other in laughter
1 Humor helps us in truth to see 2 our common God-given dignity 3) and helps us live and be 4 in human solidarity and with thee
 Let us with childlike simplicity 2) rejoice in the Lord heartily 3 Let us bring him to all who know him not
4) his smile and words, peace and compassion
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