Come Holy Spirit of Truth and Love

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In this information age we can become overwhelmed and confused. There is so much knowledge available about so many things and that can be helpful. The one thing however that matters is growing in the knowledge of the Lord in Scripture and our intimacy with him. ST. John told us in the Book of Revelation that even the elect could be deceived. 
We call on you each morning noon and night For help in this spiritual fight
For without you, we’ll fail to perceived
As lies what our enemy conceives
In these times of stark deception
Most media spew twisted perceptions  For those who know you not - are easily
deceived by lies inspired by our enemy
With so much knowledge and endless facts of how to live and best to act
We become self-assured and righteous - Know it alls and contentious
The enemy of our race Lures us with an attractive face That we can do anything
And create our own reality
Hardwired for good, truth, and beauty To reflect God’s creativity
We work, research, and study
To improve our lives materially
Absorbed in this progress we can gradually deny who we are and meant to be
God’s dear children created to love
him and each other eternally
We who live in your gift of Faith
And grow in knowledge of You in truth
Must use all knowledge and technology To bring you to all hungry for your love
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