We long to see you

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In his book, Jesus of Nazareth (Holy Week -Ignatius press -2011- pp 288-292), Pope Benedict discusses the prayer ( Marana tha) for the definitive coming of the Lord Jesus, in the conclusion of the Book of Revelation. “It is the prayer of one who loves, one who is surrounded in the besieged city and can only wait for the arrival of the beloved who has the power to end the siege and bring salvation. Christian prayer for the Lord’s return always includes the experience of his presence. He is with us now, and especially close in the eucharistic presence. Yet conversely, the Christian experience of the Lord’s presence does include a certain tension toward the future when his presence will be definitely fulfilled.” He quotes St. Bernard of Clairvaux “ We have come to know a threefold coming of the Lord.....His first coming was in the flesh and weakness, this intermediary coming is in the spirit and power, the last coming will be in glory and majesty.”
Pope Benedict asked “Can we pray for the coming of Jesus? Can we sincerely say Marana tha! Come, Lord Jesus? Yes, we can. And not only that we must. We pray to him in moments of personal tribulations. We ask him to come and be close to those we love or for whom we are anxious. And this prayer (Marana tha) while not directly focused on the end of the world, it contains the full breath of the prayer he himself taught us “Your kingdom come!” Come, Lord Jesus!”
This song is a prayer and reflection on the three comings of the lord in the fullness of time at his birth, when he comes in glory and all the “small” fullness of times in between, when he comes to us in personal prayer, in the sacraments (especially the eucharist) and his teaching us through his Church and saints throughout history especially in times of distress, persecution, heresy, lukewarmess, apostasy, etc. History shows us that without deep longing for the Lord’s return we can become seduced by a uence and comfort and gradually slide into lukewarm love of the Lord, that can lead to
apostasy. In developing our relationship with the Lord now and with his church and in serving our brothers and sisters we will realize more and more how much material, emotional, and spiritual su ering and poverty there is in the world. In the book of Revelation when this suffering and the deception/seduction of the many reaches its fullness in time(as the Lord allows it) the Lord will come in majesty and glory to end it all and bring all of us, who long for him, to glory with him in eternal life
O Lord you came, come, and will come again
In your will and word, you call the fullness of time.
In the time you first came to us
An empire had conquered and imposed its violent peace On many nations empowered by the evil one
Assuming our human nature you came in humility To save us all - deceived and enslaved in sin
By the cunning pride of our evil enemy
In exorcising and healing many miraculously, you revealed your divine power, justice, and mercy
The evil one conspired with the powerful and proud And killed you thinking this their victory
But you rose from the dead victoriously
Now you live forever with a glorified body
And in your Spirit live in us individually
And in your church your kingdom on earth Your kingdom of truth, faith, hope, and charity
You come to us now every day in the Holy Spirit Through your church, word, and sacramentally We become more like you living in charity
At times in history, your people have become
Like the seven churches in John’s revelation
So you raise up saints to encourage or admonish us In times of persecution, heresy, and apostasy
To hold fast or return to you wholeheartedly
As at your first coming and throughout history
You gave and give us signs of your coming definitively Written in your word and told by your saints
For us who have ears to hear and eyes to see
We celebrate your first coming annually
And now give thanks for your coming daily Daily we pray for you to come definitively.                                 We long to see you dear Lord in all your glory!
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