HYMN OF THE MONTH – March: God of Mercy and Compassion

As part of my series on Catholic hymns, I have chosen a hymn that was written by a Redemptorist Priest. He was a missionary in England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and was affectionately known by his fellow companions as the grand old chief.

He compiled the first Australian Catholic Hymn Book which served the Catholic Church for many years. 

Please take a few moments to read about this wonderful hymn asking for God’s mercy and compassion. Please visit my website Mother of Mercy Catholic Hymns and click on HYMN OF THE MONTH.



A rich history of a beloved song

Thank you for your review of an "oldie but goodie" hymn. I like the lyrics and the various keyboard arrangements. You sure do a thorough job of showcasing not just the hymn but its lyricist and manifold melodic composers.

Looking forward to next month's Hymn of the Month.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

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