A Fullness of Time *

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I added and changed some lyrics from the last post of the song A Fullness of Time
1 Behold we’re in a fullness of time -2 of testing and being refined 3 Of dark deception leaving many blind
4 To God’s love more real than sunshine
1 evil seems to deepen globally 2 and portrayed triumphantly 3 and sows self-righteous judgments
4 discord, fear, and animosity
1 some turn to love of money 2 some to a religious ideology 3 some blind in their sophistry 4 some hope in utopia earthly
1 for some all hope is in politics 2 or playing the stock market 3National debts rise exponentially 4 The global south crumbles Economic and politically
1 more see O Lord as mythology 2 more are subdued in the dictatorship of relativity 3 all these lies and fear are engendered by 4 the evil one behind the scene
1 the race for hypersonic advantage 2 the rush to grow AI technology 3 to hasten the utopian urgency 4 and the arms trade Grow furiously
1 Lord you know all this and everything 2 each one of us you know personally 3 where our heart’s treasure lies 4 our hope, fears, and desires
1 You hear the prayers of all who daily 2 chant the hours of the liturgy 3 who work and pray with joy and simplicity 4 in poverty, obedience and chastity
1 those who care for the sick, dying, and elderly 2 as caring for you personally 3 helping others bear their cross sacrificially 4 and who Seek your grace daily
1 Those who live holy matrimony 2 and look to Joseph and Mary
3 who love their children as your own 4 examples of your truth and charity
1 Those who serve as bishops and priests humbly 2 who bring you in word and sacramentally 3 to your people in need and hungry
4 examples of your joy, truth, and charity
You hear the cries of the poor, of those fleeing refugees 3 of those abused in slavery, those of goodwill seeking you truthfully
1 in this time of darkness, confusion, and distress 2 you see us with divine compassion 3 and give us grace increasingly 4 for us to persevere 5 and bring you to those 6 whom you send ua to
1 O Jesus meek and humble of heart 2 You are God almighty
3 You rule through this and all times 4 You bring good out of evil 5 In you is our victory 6 in faith, hope, and charity
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