Our Dear Mother and Queen

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1 We come before you Our Mother and Queen 2 Full of grace help us
Now 3in this time of rising distress
We your children cry out to you 2 who shares uniquely in your Son’s divinity 3 He chose you to be his human mother 4 and closest friend and collaborator
1 You shared intimately in his work of redemption 2 You shared in In his joys and sorrows, 3 his passion and death and now in his glory
1 God who is trinitarian love 2 made you our most loving mother
3 Like your son meek and humble of heart 4 He raised you both as King and Queen
1 Like your son king of martyrs 2 you suffered and offered yourself up completely 3 for our salvation 4 as queen of martyrs
1 as virgin, mother, and wife, 2 you did God’s will perfectly
3 Tempted and tried as was your son 4 you persevered to the end heroically
1 God’s son willed to become our beloved brother 2 He willed that You become 3 our spiritual mother
1 Queen of angels and saints 2 of heaven and earth, 3 you now reign
With our Lord and King 4 to whom you gave birth
1 In times past of severe distress 2 we prayed for you to intercede 3 and your prayers were powerful indeed
1Mother of mankind and of mercy 2 you will as the Father that all be saved 3 You know the rising deceptions of the evil one 4 and how more are deceived and confused every day.
1 As we grow in more knowledge and technical power 2 unprecedented in all history, 3 more are losing the knowledge
of who they are - God’s dear children - 5 of being saved from the evil one, and willed for eternal glory and love.
In this time of lies, confusion, violence, and fear 2 we need an increase of grace to flow 3 to persevere and bring God’s love and truth 4 to all deceived, confused, and living in fear.
1 Hail Mary full grace 2 You reign as one with your son 3 You intercede for each one of us 4 Jesus intercedes as our beloved Brother 5 You intercede as our beloved mother
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