Victorious all Glorious *

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Alleluia  alleluia  alleluia   alleluia                                                                                                                                         
1 You rose from the dead victorious

2 Your body and soul all glorious

3 The angels sang in divine harmony

4 All nature rejoiced exultantly

1 You went to all who had died
2 Offering them life glorified
3 Those who accepted your mercy
4 You raised up to heaven in glory
1 Then you appeared in glory
2 to Mary your mother suddenly
3 she rejoiced  in faith’s expectancy
4 and sang new psalms together in ecstasy
1 then you appeared to those in sorrow and fear
2 and wiped away all of their tears
3 they rejoiced exultantly
4 in seeing you alive in glory
1 they rejoiced to tell of your victory
2 and bring to all your mercy
3 they suffered and died physically
4 but you raised them up in glory
1 now we who live in you faithfully
2 burn with desire to share your mercy
3 that all may know you intimately
4 that we all give you praise eternally 
1 your love and truth spreads globally
2 and brings joy and peace to many
3 some lay down their lives physically
4 that more will accept your mercy
1 this present world will pass away
2 to a new creation it will give sway
3 then we will all give you praise
4 An eternal love song we will raise
1 glory to you Father and son
2 and to you Holy  Spirit three in one
3 in perfect divine harmony
4 we will rejoice eternally

Alleluia alleluia alleluia    Alleluia

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