O Risen Lord

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Lord, you are risen all glorious  alleluia  
Christ rising hails his new creation
The angels sing in exultation
A new heaven and earth you will to be
Our bodies raised like yours in glory
With  new eyes, we will see
You  in all your divine glory
With new voices, we will sing
With the angels in harmony
With new ears, we will hear
Our Lord and Lady singing
Leading us in praise and thanksgiving 
To the Father of love and all the living
Now Christ is with us each day
Leading us on our pilgrim way
As our model and our way
To life divine the eternal day
As we contemplate you, O Divine Trinity
Help us fill our arms with deeds of mercy
Help us in our weakness to see and be
 your living compassion for all to see

When in dark and awful strife
That will come in our life
We know that you are near
You will help us to persevere 
You gave us your image of divine mercy
To inspire and challenge us to be
Your merciful emissaries
In you, we trust wholeheartedly

You are the victim and high priest
You lead us in this paschal feast
We now rejoice with solemnity
And pine to know you in eternity

We exult on this glorious day
And rejoice with you on our way

Hail, eternal Lord we trust in you
Hail, our king of mercy and truth
Hail, our life of love adored!
Help and save us, gracious Lord

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