Divine Desire

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Deepest Desire
What are ya gonna do what are ya gonna do What are ya gonna do
When you can’t get through
And there’s a voice of darkness in the air everywhere
Still your mind and tell that voice to depart  Bow your head and open your heart To the living Truth
Where you're gonna go Where you’re gonna go Where you’re gonna go When you can’t move
There seems to be no one here or anywhere/who cares Take my Word - the living Truth
He’ll free your soul
There's a place in your heart
For only me and you
I’m always here I’m always there I’m everywhere
For you to turn to
I alone can satisfy your desire
For pure Love
Pour out your soul I’ll make you whole No one else can get you through These black twenty-first-century blues
What do you need What do you want What’s your desire Close your eyes and put the noise on mute
And seek the Truth
With all your soul you’ll find Me there
Your soul’s pure deepest desire
With all your heart you’ll find Me here Your heart’s divine desire
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