Psam 103-12

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second half of Psalm 103 strophes 8 to 12 

Praise the Lord, my soul!
8 As a father has compassion on his children,
so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him

For he knows how we are formed,
he remembers that we are dust

  9 As for man his days are like grass,
  he flowers like a flower of the field;

10 the wind blows and he is gone,
 and his place never sees him again
 But the love of the Lord is everlasting
  on those who hold him in fear


     11 and his justice reaches out to children’s children
     when they keep his covenant in truth
     and keep his will in their mind

    Lord has set his sway in heaven,
    and his kingdom rules over all.

  12 Give thanks to the Lord, all his hosts,
  his servants who do his will.
   Give thanks to the Lord, all his works
   In every place where he rules

    Praise the Lord, my soul
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