One Father of ALL

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O Spirit of the Father and the Son
Unify us in love with them as one
One church, one Faith one Lord
One Father of us all

Lord, you are the way, truth, and life
Help us to always follow you
I am with you in the darkest night
You give us your word the living truth

In your paschal celebrations
We rejoice in your eucharistic love
The beginning of your glorification
And its fulfillment when in glory you come

Your almighty will  has guided
Your Church from age to age;
The wondrous tale is written
So clearly on each page;

The Apostles praised your goodness,
 Their word and deeds the scriptures record;
And both to this give witness:
You are the risen eternal Lord.

When all is quiet and still
You love to speak to us
And whisper to us your Holy Will
And enfold us in your pure love

We bring you and your holy church
To all the greatest and to the least;
We invite all men to hasten
And share in your eucharistic feast

Your grace will never fail us
More powerful than the sun
With all the beauty of your love
For your mercy, many will come

Your apostles gave us this teaching
In every deed and word,
To all alike proclaiming:
That you and your church are one

In this time of darkness and fear
Your truth and light abound
For those who hold you near
Your peace and joy can be found

You showed us the depth of your love
Dear Lord by your self-sacrifice
In your passion death and resurrection
You gave us hope in eternal life

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