Sibelius 6 lyrics Quick Tip 5: 3 ways of entering lyrics

1st way: enter lyrics by typing. 
We explored this way in a previous video that you can find Here and Here.

2nd way: enter lyrics by copy & paste.
To copy the lyrics from a text document to Sibelius, copy a line of text (with or without hyphens), select the first note and go into Lyric entre mode. Use CMD+v to paste the text to one note at the time. Sibelius will break down the words in syllables according to the language that has been set in Preferences/Languages:


To create a melisma, use the hyphen-key when in the middle of a word and the space bar when at the last syllable of a word or with a one-syllable word.

To copy lyrics within Sibelius, copy the lyrics (with Select More or with the  Lyrics Filter or by selecting the word one by one). If the target notes have the same rhythm, select the first note and paste the lyrics with CMD+v. If it is another rhythm, select the first note, go into lyrics enter mode and use CMD+v to paste them one syllable at the time. As before, to create an melisma, use the hyphen-key when in the middle of a word and the space bar when at the last syllable of a word or with a one-syllable word.

3rd way: enter lyrics from a text file
For this to work you need to have the notes ready including the slurs for where the melismas have to go. The text document that contains the lyric text needs to be a plain text file. Select the bars where the text needs to go and choose from the menu Create/Text/Lyrics/From Text File:


Automatically syllabify ambiguous words“ will let Sibelius guess the best hyphenation of a word that can be broken in different ways, leave this checked. Set the correct language. Set the text style. Leave "Use apostrophes to show combined syllables" checked. Sibelius will combine more syllables into a single one if needed. Choose the text file. After hitting OK Sibelius will insert all the lyrics and create melismas where the notes were slurred.

That’s all! Have a look at the video below to see everything in action.

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