Music planning links by publisher

I found this helpful summary of music planning guides at the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana. I updated some outdated links. Also see our TCS resources page here:

Music planning links by publisher

Publisher Link Fee
Liturgical Press

Free Downloadable Music Planner – updated quarterly

Liturgical Psalter Index by Psalm Number

GIA - weekly suggestions
Note 3 options at right

Quarterly Planning Pages free
Choral music weekly suggestions free
GIA Quarterly - planning magazine see site for details
Liturgy Help - comprehensive liturgical planning site – Available in Australia. No longer available in the United States through GIA. see site for details
OCP Support materials for your missal program
Accompaniment books, resources for music and prayer, quarterly planning tools and more
see site for details
Today's Liturgy - planning magazine (paper and electronic) see site for details - comprehensive liturgical planning site
Free online planning guide: Planner
WLP AIM - planning magazine (paper or electronic) see site for details
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