Wondrous Clay by Richard Schletty

Here is a song I wrote and recorded in one pass on my guitar. See MP3 player at bottom of post. Enjoy! If you like it, please comment below. I can provide the chords, if requested.

Wondrous Clay

Lord of life, you love all souls. 
By your touch we are made whole.
Sculptor of all time and space, 
hold us in your warm embrace.

God, you watch creation toil.
God, you seed and water soil. 
Guide us through another day.
Shape our lives in wondrous clay.

Often blind and so afraid.
Then your Word makes worries fade.
Healing Spirit, bring new light. 
Illuminate our darkest night.


We journey with your risen Son
from mother's womb to valleys beyond.
Lead us to a vision so true,
through living waters that renew.

[refrain 2x]

Richard Schletty ©2011