Three Must-Read Articles About Praise And Worship Music

Worship and Praise musicNick Alexander posted this article on his blog today. He includes links to three very timely articles for my parish! We are in the throes of discussion of this very thing!  – Richard Schletty, TCS editor

Three Must-Read Articles About Praise And Worship Music

"There are three fascinating, contradictory articles about contemporary worship that I ran across this past week. What’s interesting about these articles is that they conflict and complement each other, in interesting ways. The authors of these articles have very different conclusions as to the state of Christian Music today, and the effectiveness of both..."

Go to Nick's blog to see his commentary on these three articles:

10 Traits of Top CCLI Songs

Why They Don’t Sing on Sunday Anymore

Who Killed the Contemporary Christian Music Industry?

In a follow-up email directly to me, Nick wrote:

"You may be inspiring me to create my first ever online course.  How to wade through these waters.  How to do 'New Evangelization Worship.' "

Stay tuned! 

Please make comments below after you have read the three articles. Is your parish doing any Contemporary Catholic Worship and Praise music? Share your experiences, whether positive or negative. Are you thinking about introducing this genre of music?


A related article

Here is a related article. This is from a recent issue of our Archdiocesan newspaper – The Catholic Spirit (the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota). It addresses the "New Evangelization" from a broad perspective.

Catholics leaving pews; new initiatives aim to be antidotes

As you see, the article does not make any mention of worship or praise music. The failure to deeply Catholicize our youth is not necessarily due to poor song selection and styling. It runs deeper than that. There is a systemic erosion of Catholic-Christian culture in American society and most importantly within the family framework. Parents need to re-invest in their faith values – then the kids will notice.

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