FREE anthem from SJMP: Day by Day by Mark Schweizer


Happy Epiphany! And to celebrate, St. James Music Press (not unlike those travelers from the East) is happy to come bearing gifts. We would have liked to offer you the traditional Epiphany tribute, but with the cost of myrrh these days, we just couldn't manage it.

Instead, how about this FREE anthem?

Day by Day - by Mark Schweizer
For two-part equal voices and Keyboard (piano or organ). A gentle and enchanting melody that works beautifully in canon. Easy and lovely! Great for your children's choir, a duet, during communion, or as a quickly-learned anthem.

Of course, our cunning plan in offering you this free anthem is to get you to realize that a yearly subscription to SJMP (only $139) will allow you to download anything and everything on this site - well worth the price - just calculate the cost of three or four new anthems for your choir.

We put 125 new works on the website last year - anthems, cantatas, organ pieces, handbell music, hymn harmonizations ... these added to the already 1650 works already there - a HUGE catalog, and something for everyone.

So, if you're not yet a member of SJMP, or if you've let your subscription lapse!) we're happy to tempt you with this FREE ANTHEM.

But it's free. Yes, free. (Did we mention that it's free?)

BUT - As a subscriber, ANY and ALL of the music on SJMP is yours to download and reproduce. NO EXTRA CHARGES. NO MORE MUSIC TO PURCHASE. INSTRUMENTAL SCORES AND PARTS ALWAYS INCLUDED. AND NO LIMIT. (Amazing, isn't it?) Anthems, Psalms, Organ Music, Descants, Brass and Organ Hymn accompaniments, Cantatas, a Children's Music program, Handbell Music, Mass Settings ... just give it a look. Wow!

Need help choosing music for a particular Sunday? Check out our Liturgical Calendar. Need to save something for later? Just add it to your "Favorites" list. Need to find an anthem for Two-Part or SAB Choir and trumpet for Easter? Click on Enhanced Search. Need a setting of Psalm 51? Look at the Psalm list (There are 14!)

We have new pieces going up on the site every week, so be sure and check back often!

Happy New Year (and a Blessed Epiphany!)
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