Darkness to Light: A Liturgy of Advent Lessons and Carols

July 12, 2016 - ADVENT
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We know that some of you guys and gals have already planned all your Advent music and are already looking at Easter 2017! (You know who you are...) But for those of you who are looking for a wonderful new Advent service, (or a fresh way to present your Advent Lessons and Carols, here it is.

Darkness to Light: A Liturgy of Advent Lessons and Carols

Throughout history, the Church kept Advent as a season of great solemnity - a time in which to meditate upon the ultimate issues of death, judgement, hell and heaven. Advent, though, was also a time of great rejoicing, for Christ would come, not only as Judge, but also as Savior, and would usher in the Kingdom of God. Advent, therefore, provided a vivid preparation for Christmas.

This liturgy has been developed and used at the great English Cathedral at Salisbury and at St. James Cathedral in Chicago, and aims to recapture that Advent longing and hope. The service is structured around the Great "O" Antiphons of Advent, sung by the choir and congregation. (O Come, O Come Emmanuel.) The scripture readings come in pairs. An Old Testament reading speaks of God's promise. A New Testament reading proclaims how the promise is being fulfilled in Christ.

Darkness to Light: A Liturgy of Advent Lessons and Carols. All the music, prayers, readings, and miscellaneous extras you'll need to make this the most meaningful service of the year!

To complement Darkness to Light, we've added these six new pieces especially composed for the service. Use these, or use others. We've loads of suggestions for "small but enthusiastic" choirs all the way up through the "Cathedral Wunderchöre."

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Darkness to Light: A Liturgy of Advent Lessons and Carols 
The entire service with suggestions for small, medium, and larger choirs.

Meditation on "Veni Emmanuel" - Stuart Forster
For Organ. A gentle, ethereal meditation on the chant tune. Written especially for this service, but can be utilized at any service during Advent.

Matin Responsory - Richard Shephard
SATB Choir and Cantor. The traditional Matin Responsory for Advent. Written especially for this service.

Come, Thou Redeemer of the Earth - arr. Stuart Forster
Hymn treatment - Tune: Puer Nobis. Eight verses with varying textures and voices. A wonderful start to any Advent service, but written especially for "Darkness to Light."

Vesper Responsory - Richard Shephard
SATB Choir and Cantor. (Alternate versions for 2 Part/SAB Choir, Cantor and Organ.) The traditional Vesper Responsory for Advent. Written especially for this service.

Lo! he comes with clouds descending - arr. Stuart Forster
Hymn treatment for Choir, Congregation, and Organ. Tune: Helmsley. A big, wonderful setting of the classic Advent hymn. Last stanza with alternate harmonization and descant.

Toccata on "Helmsley" - Stuart Forster
A tour de force for organ. Not easy, but what a finish to this wonderful service!

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Have a great week! We'll be putting up more music shortly.

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