And so it Begins MTR

  1. So many things to do when joining a new site.  Since I promote my Album, A Cup of Cold Water mainly on Twitter MTR (@MikeResch) the first order of business is to design a new Bitlink to use in my Promotional Tweets to point to  I think I'll use: (Top Catholic Songs) for a starter.
  2. Next I'll post it on This is my Personal Website for all things MTR.
  3. Another Bitlink I think I will create is to get to the Bitly site.  I'll use You, the reader of this Blog Post can use it too.  Just Select the royal blue text, copy it, and paste it into the Address space of a New Tab. Click "visit" and the Bitly site will appear in the New Tab.  You can sign-up with a Name and Email Address, then you'll create a Password.  You can create your own customized Bitlinks for URLs you use all the time.  It's simple and easy to use.
  4. I stayed up all last night Re-Engineering my .wav files for the Album on Bandcamp.  There were some serious flaws on the old set I uploaded in November when I started that site.  Now that it's the best I can make it, the Album is ready to be Embedded in this site.  I used some software I Downloaded on the 'Net with a try-before-you-lease option, it's called "GoldWave".  You can Google for it.  The lease is only $15/year with free updates.  It's a very full-featured software suite of wave editing tools.  I highly recommend it.
  5. Well next I have to go upload a small correction to one of the tracks.  My vocal was being drowned out by my GR-9 Guitar Synthesizer sound, so I had to re-equalize it after I heard it on Bandcamp to make the vocal stand out by a few dB's.
  6. More later . . . MTR


Welcome, MTR!

I have already listened to some of your tracks. They are well written and performed with passion. You do well at communicating things of the spirit with grace and emotion. Looking forward to your remastered tracks. I encourage others to listen to your songs. Glad to have you here at – Richard Schletty

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