A Promotional Tweet. MTR


Triple Play Tweet. MTR

This is an example of what I call a Triple Play Tweet.

  1. It Promotes TCS on Twitter to my Followers
  2. It gives a Link to MTR's Blog to Visitors to TCS
  3. It gives a Link to MTR's Album to Visitors to TCS

It also serves the purpose of giving links to my Blog and Album to my Followers and to general Twitter Accounts who look at the Main Timeline, not just their Home Timeline.  The use of the three Hashtags; #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter gives my Followers a chance to find this Tweet by searching their Home Timeline with the three Hashtags, which is something I suggest they do when I thank them for Following me.  It provides them with Access if they're not watching their Home Timeline when I'm Tweeting.  Out of around 250 Million Twitter Accounts, I'm the only one who uses these three Hashtags as a means of Filtering my Tweets, either on the Main Timeline or on my Follower's Home Timelines.  Also, I get around 30,000 Impressions on the Main Timeline every month.  I get around 3000 Profile Visits a month for people to examine my Mission.  My Engagement rate of people that interact with my Tweets is around 2%.  That's typical for a Tweeter on the Main Timeline.  You can see that I've already gotten 1 Like on this Tweet by looking at the 1 beside the Heart.  MTR