Celebrating Haas, Haugen and Joncas

Celebrating the legacy of David Haas, Marty Haugen, and Michael Joncas

David, Marty, and Michael have been writing, singing, and performing together for over 30 years. This compilation of some of their best music—and one new one from each of them—will be sure to brighten your day.

They have donated their royalties on the sale of this CD to Music Ministry Alive, The Southside Family Nurturing Center and the University of St. Thomas with gratitude for God’s rich blessings on their lives.

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For decades, the music of David Haas, Marty Haugen, and Michael Joncas has been on the lips and inscribed on the hearts of God’s people.  These three icons of sung praise are renowned for their ability pour God’s love into the works they compose. Collectively they have created a vast wealth of songs, hymns, psalms, and ritual music for worship—music that has been forever woven into the very fiber of our faith. With Gratitude gathers their most beloved songs and a few new ones together in joyful celebration of the profound impact their music has made on the people of God.

Album playlist:

1. A Place Called Home - MP3 Michael Joncas
2. You Are the Presence - MP3 David Haas
3. All Are Welcome - MP3 Marty Haugen
4. My Soul Is Thirsting - MP3 Michael Joncas
5. I Will Live On - MP3 David Haas
6. Shepherd Me, O God - MP3 Marty Haugen
7. We Come to Your Feast - MP3
8. Will You Come and See the Light? - MP3 David Haas
9. Within the Reign of God - MP3 Marty Haugen
10. The Love of the Lord - MP3 Michael Joncas
11. Alleluia Sing! - MP3 David Haas
12. Where Your Treasure Is - MP3 Marty Haugen
13. Send Us Your Spirit - MP3 David Haas
14. Take and Eat - MP3 Michael Joncas
15. Watch, O Lord - MP3 Marty Haugen
16. You Are Mine - MP3 David Haas
17. In These Times - MP3 Marty Haugen
18. On Eagle's Wings - MP3 Michael Joncas