Mozart and Franck: $10 anthems from St. James Music Press

Details here: St. James Music Press $10 Anthem Program

Here are two $10 anthems for the week. You may download these without becoming a subscriber. If you choose to use one or both, the cost is $10 (per-anthem please...) Just send them a check. Then make whatever copies you need and put it in your library.

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A Canon of Praise - W.A. Mozart

Canon - 4 in 2 (SATB or 4-part choir). Simple and effective, with bright and cheerful Mozartean eloquence. One of those that sounds much harder than it is and perfect for your Summer or Spring Break Choir. Text from Psalm 100, "Make a joyful noise to God..."


For the Bread Which You Have Broken - César Franck

SAB and organ or piano. A Eucharistic text set in the high-romantic idiom of Franck. Gentle and comforting and just great as an anthem during communion.

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