Patrice Egging: Holy Spirit-inspired songs of life, love and faith

Patrice EggingAn announcement from TCS core member Patrice Egging:

I have a dream to record the music that God generously gives to me.....and you can help! Please take a look at my Kickstarter project:

Kickstarter project: Holy Spirit-inspired piano and songs of life, love and faith

The Songs are there...waiting...waiting. This project of music does not have a title yet. I’m leaning towards the words from one of the songs, "Seeking the truth is not always easy," shortened to "Seeking the Truth."

I'm so excited to be working with David Smith from Icon Studios.

  • Check out the link to the project.
  • Watch the video.
  • Read the information.
  • Check out the rewards for pledges.
  • No money is collected unless the TOTAL amount is pledged. 
  • If you could have me come play somewhere to get the word out...that would be awesome!
  • If you think you might like to support me, just do it now, and then it won't be the last moment and you might forget!
  • If you could share with friends...send them the Kickstarter link...encourage them, I'd so appreciate it!

Deadline is May 5th. 
Thanks so much!

Patrice Egging