What Are Your Favorite Thanksgiving Songs?

Thanksgiving is coming up in a week. If you were to choose your favorite songs that offer Thanks to God, what will they be?


In the worship section of

In the worship section of the Songs Of David web site is a great song "Every Day Is A Gift" We use it many times throughout the year ( not just Thanksgiving!). We do it both atsa medium tempo in a upbeat reggae style and as a slow worshipful song - either way we loveit and it is very effective!

My favorite Thanksgiving

My favorite Thanksgiving Song - definitely "Sing to the Lord of Harvest", set to the tune WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN. This is a gorgeous hymn that I got to know when I was 11 years old. Other favorites would be ones more familiar: Now Thank We All Our God We Gather Together For the Beauty of the Earth Peace, BMP

I always liked "All Glory to

I always liked "All Glory to God," on Matt Maher's "Welcome to Life" CD. Another great one is "Like A Train," on Ceili Rain's "Change in Your Pocket" CD. Hope this helps!

Hello, All I wrote a song in

Hello, All I wrote a song in thanksgiving to God for His goodness and generosity. Hope you like it! God speed and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. "Thank You" http://cdbaby.com/cd/paulharrigan Paul

Nancy's TopCatholicSongs

Nancy's TopCatholicSongs Thanksgiving list: I have a more traditional list for you. I just love singing these songs and hearing them sung with gusto around this time of year. For the Beauty of the Earth Now Thank We All Our God Come Ye Thankful People, Come In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful Let All Things Now Living We Gather Together Thanks Be to You Father, We Thank Thee, Who Hast Planted Infinite Love (written by yours truly, found on my CD One Heart at a Time http://www.nancykrebs.com/audio.html ) Nancy Krebs <>< http://www.nancykrebs.com
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