Queen of Heaven, Rejoice - Regina Coeli (Moran)

A new collaboration of Anthony Moran and Richard Schletty. Tony's daughter, Tara Moran (a Broadway stage singer), will sing the song soon, replacing my voice in this demo. Please listen to more "Songs of Faith for Liturgies and Devotions" sung by Tara. Please visit www.catholicliturgyinsong.org – or use the insong.org shortcut.

Which arrangement do you like – v5, v6 or v7? Please comment below.

We will be adding a chorus of voices singing the Alleluias.

"Queen of Heaven, Rejoice - Regina Coeli" is recited during the Easter season instead of the "Angelus."

Queen of Heaven, Rejoice - Regina Coeli


Key of E [capo 2]

D/A      D/F#      G          G/C A

Queen of Heaven, rejoice. Alleluia!

    D                      G   A

The Lord is risen today. Alleluia!

       D/A   D/F#     G         G/C A                      

He has risen from the dead. Alleluia!

       D                 G D A D

He has risen as He said. Alleluia!



       A7                        G D

And we praise His holy name, Alleluia!

    A                          G   A

The heavens rejoice in song. Alleluia!

D                         D A G A

Mary, pray for us to God, Alleluia!

   D                       G D A D

to Jesus Christ, your Son. Alleluia!


[Repeat Chorus with added voices]


Lyrics and music: © 2018 Anthony Moran, © 2018
Guitar and vocals: Richard Schletty schlettysound.com