Looking for words and name of a May Procession hymn

A recent new user, Regina99, wrote:

"Looking for words and name of a May Procession hymn used each year in my elementary school years during this Mother's Day Procession to Our Lady. Here are some of the words: Roses we bring to thee, Queen of the Rosary....Red blooms with pain untold, blend with royal robes of gold....

Found this site accidentally while looking for the above hymn. I did not know it existed."

Can you help Regina find the hymn?

I found it!

"Queen of the Rosary" is hymn number 82 in Mount Mary Hymnal (published 1937). Words by Sister Chrysostom, SSND, and music by M. Haller. The entire hymnal is available as a PDF file via download from Corpus Christi Watershed (courtesy of Jeff Ostrowski). See the TCS article link below. It will lead you to the PDF file which is quite large – 82 MB:


For your convenience, Regina, I have taken a screen shot of "Queen of the Rosary" for you to download. See link below.

I am curious if there is a typo in the last line of verse 1 in the hymnal. Regina's version sounds more correct: "Red blooms for pain untold blend with royal robes of gold."

Queen of the Rosary

Queen of the Rosary-Mount Mary Hymnal-1937.pdf1.41 MB