Sacred Music Symposium, June 26-30, 2017

This article was first published February 5, 2017, at Corpus Christi Watershed

What: Sacred Music Symposium
When: June 26-30, 2017
Where: St. Therese Church, Alhambra, CA, and San Fernando Mission Church in Mission Hills, CA.

OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS, a resurgence of traditional liturgy has occurred. We’ve documented official decrees, stunning statements, and concrete statistics, but we don’t publicly share the hundreds of messages from Catholics (laymen, priests, and nuns) bearing witness to a breathtaking grassroots movement. The road to improvement—as you realize—can be arduous, but we have some fantastic news.

If you conduct a choir or enjoy singing traditional Catholic music, the Sacred Music Symposium is designed especially for – but certainly not limited to – those in need of “tricks” to help implement the Church’s treasury of sacred music without becoming discouraged. The schedule shows there is something for everybody: tips for starting a children’s choir; advice on repertoire; exploration of hymnody; and so forth.

PDF Download: tentative Symposium schedule

If you’re interested, email before Saint Valentine’s Day (14 February 2017). Space is limited. 

More info here: Huge News! — Sacred Music Symposium 2017