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Although I was baptized Catholic as an infant, I dedicated my music career toward all things secular. I became a Singer/Songwriter and chose an acoustic guitar as my primary instrument. Over fifty years ago, I met folk icon Richie Havens at the first Woodstock Music Festival. Havens received Top Billing, while I was sitting under a tree during a thunderstorm, listening to the music greats doing their thing, while picking a tune or two on my guitar, and trying to figure out where I could possibly fit in. Richie heard me, and after a short conversation, invited me to tour with him. That meeting in the pouring rain led to me spending the next three years as Richie Havens' opening act, and touring with him all over the world. We performed before sold-out venues in France, Italy, Spain, England, Japan, Israel, and the United States. Although I was fortunate enough to become a successful musician, I still felt my life was incomplete. I was missing both my relationship with God, and being single for fifty-three years was no longer appealing. That changed in 1999, when I joined Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church, and I met and married Diane. Now my life and music has real focus...on Jesus Christ. I specialize in writing and performing devotional songs, both in concert and recording. I am still a successful musician, and have performed at prestigious events such as Country Thunder, The Troubadour, Tanglewood, and many other venues. But my life is finally complete, and I thank God for everything He's given me every single day! I would very much like to network and become more involved in the Catholic Music Community. I also love the idea of the forums set up by Top Catholic Songs, and feel the benefit obtained by sharing ideas and experiences is invaluable. I am always searching for songs that I can introduce to my audiences at my devotional concerts and would also consider possibly recording the songs as well. Thank you for allowing me to become a registered user. I'm looking forward to a long and inspiring relationship. Your's in Christ, Michael Grande


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