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I'm a harpist who arranges and records Gregorian chant for Irish wire-strung harp. In 2014 I released my first commercial CD, Vox Celeste, an album of eight layered tracks reminiscent of Enya's work, that featured my harp, pipe organ and synthesizer. Currently I'm working on my second studio album, Harpe Grégorienne, due out early next year. Vox Celeste is currently available on most major streaming platforms (with the exception of Spotify).
Sherri (Michalski) Matthew arranges and records a variety of different music for Irish wire-strung harp. She was introduced to the instrument at Green Mountain College, VT where she finished her undergraduate degree in 2007, at the age of 37. In 2014 she released her first commercial CD Vox Celeste, featuring pipe organ and harp.

Sherri’s current harp interests include traditional music from South America, Mexico, Cuba and her own ancestry of Ireland and Poland. The Irish bodhran and various Cuban percussion instruments have found their way to her studio. Sherri also has a Paraguayan harp and is currently waiting for Dan Speer of Argent Fox Harps to complete a rare type of Irish wire harp with two parallel rows of strings.

Sherri is married to organist and GCNA Carillonneur George Matthew Jr., of Middlebury College, Norwich University, Vermont. She and George live with their four rescue cats Jasmine, Toni, Willow and Daisy. They are ages 14 and 13 and were adopted as kittens. (Jasmine has her very own cardboard kit harp to pluck!)
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