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Links to 49 old Catholic hymnals, listed at Corpus Christi Watershed:

Please visit the Corpus Christi Watershed web site for updatesThe following list will continue to grow & be updated. Most of these are Catholic hymnals; some are Anglican ones. Many were scanned and made available by Corpus Christi Watershed, others by Google. 

1842 • ENGLISH HYMNS in METER (A. D. Wackerbarth) —74pg 

1848 • HYMNS OF THE HEART (Matthew Bridges) —97pg 

1851 • LYRA CATHOLICA (Edward Caswall) —572pg 

1853 • CATHOLIC HYMNS with ILLUSTRATIONS (Cardinal Wiseman) —64pg 

1854 • THE HYMNAL NOTED (J. M. Neale) —226pg 
        ADDITIONAL   •   Accomp.   •   Words   •   Alt. Versions 

1854 • ORATORY HYMNS and TUNES (Fr. Faber) —202pg 

1850s • THE HYMN of SAINT CASIMIR (Various Translations) 

* 1860 • THE CATHOLIC HYMNAL (London) —192pg 

1861 • SUNDAY SCHOOL BOOK (Fr. Furniss)   {Hymns begin on pg 146} 

1862 • HAWAIIAN HYMNAL (Diocese of Honolulu) —251pg 

1863 • MEDIEVAL HYMNS and SEQUENCES (J. M. Neale) —242pg 

1870 • CATHOLIC HYMNS (Servite Fathers) —92pg 

1873 • HYMNS and POEMS (Fr. Edward Caswall) —489pg 

1878 • LATIN HYMNAL “Cantiones Sacræ” (Joseph Mohr) —440pg 

1880 • HYMN TRANSLATIONS by D. T. Morgan (Anglican) —314pg 

1884 • ANNUS SANCTUS (Orby Shipley) —478pg 

1884 • THE ROMAN HYMNAL (Fr. J. B. Young) —801pg 

1889 • MANUAL of PRAYERS (Council of Baltimore)   {Hymns begin on pg 599} 

1889 • ORIGINAL TEXTS in “Hymns Ancient & Modern” —406pg 

1900 • BREVIARY HYMNS & MISSAL SEQUENCES (Bishop Bagshawe) —222pg 

* 1905 • ARUNDEL HYMNS (Duke of Norfolk) —569pg 

1905 • NOTRE DAME HYMN BOOK (Birtchnell & Brown) —88pg 

1905 • THE HYMNER (Anglican) —166pg 

1906 • THE ENGLISH HYMNAL (Anglican) —pg917 

1906 • SAINT BASIL HYMNAL (15th ed.) —428pg 

1906 • CATHOLIC CHURCH HYMNAL (E. Tozer) —376pg 

1907 • SUNDAY SCHOOL HYMN BOOK (Sisters of Notre Dame) —187pg 

1908 • EARLY CHRISTIAN HYMNS (Judge D. J. Donahoe) —278pg 

1908 • OFFICE HYMNS together with the PROPER MELODIES (Anglican) —506pg 

1909 • THE CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Fr. Alfred Young) —296pg 

1910 • SAINT MARK’S CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Peoria) —222pg 

1911 • CROWN HYMNAL (Fr. Kavanagh) —610pg 

1912 • EUCHARISTICA (Hugh Thomas Henry) —230pg 

* 1912 • WESTMINSTER HYMNAL (Sir Richard R. Terry) —423pg 

* 1913 • SAINT HUGH HYMN BOOK (Fr. Adrian Fortescue) —168pg 

1913 • AMERICAN CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Marist Brothers) —509pg 

1913 • DE LA SALLE HYMNAL (New York) —263pg 

1914 • COLLECTED SEQUENCES and HYMNS (J. M. Neale) —460pg 

1915 • HOLY CROSS HYMNAL (Cardinal O’Connell) —52pg 

1916 • PANGE LINGUA ( Alan G. McDougall) —122pg 

1918 • ST. BASIL HYMNAL (“completely remodelled”) —350pg   {Revised Version} 

1920 • CATHOLIC HYMNAL (Fr. John G. Hacker) —348pg 

1920 • SAINT GREGORY HYMNAL (Nicola A. Montani) —512pg 

1921 • STANDARD CATHOLIC HYMNAL (James A. Reilly) —171pg 

1922 • HYMNS of the BREVIARY and MISSAL (Fr. Matthew Britt) —390pg 

1936 • PAROCHIAL HYMNAL (Fr. Carlo Rossini) —291pg 

1938 • SAINT ROSE HYMNAL (Franciscan Sisters) —222pg 

* 1942 • LAUDATE HYMNAL and CHOIRBOOK (Hohe, Koch, Green) —270pg 

1943 • HYMNS of the DOMINICAN MISSAL and BREVIARY (Fr. Aquinas Byrnes) —694pg 

* 1948 • DAILY HYMN BOOK (Westminster & Desclée) —360pg 

1953 • SAINT PIUS X HYMNAL — Organist & Congregational editions 

1955 • MEDIATOR DEI HYMNAL (J. Vincent Higginson) —114pg 

1957 • PARISH HYMNAL (Sister Catherine Cecilia) —72pg 

1955 • HYMNS of the ROMAN LITURGY (Fr. Joseph Connelly) —285pg 

1967 • DOMINICAN BREVIARY HYMNS —In four (4) parts 

* An asterisk indicates the book is particularly noteworthy.




Sir Richard Terry and the 1912 Westminister Hymnal

Here is some info about Sir Richard Terry and the 1912 Westminister Hymnal, approved for use in Roman Catholic liturgies in Great Britain:

Sir Richard Runciman Terry (1865-1938)

"Terry was able to establish at Westminster Cathedral a tradition of musical treatment for the whole of the Roman liturgy in England based on the principles laid down in the Motu proprio, so that the Use of Westminster offered an example to Roman Catholic church musicians unequalled anywhere outside Rome itself... His Westminster Hymnal (London, 1912, rev. 3/1916, 7/1937) was for many years the standard hymnal for Roman Catholic use in Britain."

I found a book called Catholic Church Music, written by Richard Terry and published in 1907:

It offers deep insight into his revival and nurturing of Catholic music in England. This book includes the Motu Proprio of Pius X. It represents the groundwork that was laid for the 1912 Westminster Hymnal. I am quoting the Dedication below.

Catholic Church Music
by Richard R. Terry 
Organist and director of the choir at Westminster Cathedral


To The Right Reverend Hugh Edmund Ford, O.S.B. Abbot of Downside

Dear Abbot Ford,

I esteem it a privilege to dedicate this book to you. It was entirely due to your support and encouragement that I was able, ten years ago, to begin the work of reviving, on anything like a large scale, the forgotten music of our English Catholic forefathers, and to restore to the Church in their original Latin form, compositions which since 1641 had only appeared in English dress. And it was to your support, as Head of a great Abbey, that it became possible to restore these works under almost the same ideal conditions which obtained in the old days—in a Monastery Church with its school attached, where daily Mass and Office were said; and where the life of the Church was lived from day to day, by monk and scholar, in the quiet seclusion of the Mendip Hills, far from the hurry of roaring towns.

It is, moreover, specially fitting that this revival should have taken place at Downside, since the Downside Benedictine monks are the same identical community—without a break in the chain of their continuity — who served Westminster Abbey in the old time before the dissolution of the monasteries.

Dealing as this book does with Catholic Church Music in the light of the Motu Proprio, it is pleasant to place on record the share which Downside took in the work of reform so many years before the Motu Proprio was published.

With feelings of deep respect and affection, Believe me, dear Abbot Ford,

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