Top Ten Adoration Songs

Nick Alexander here... After accepting submissions, listening to the offerings, and a week-long process of voting, this community has come up with their official Top Ten Adoration Songs list. These are songs that can be beneficial either for adoration, or encouraging to pursue Eucharistic Adoration.

  1. Broken by Christopher D'Alfonso
    Blueprints by Chris D'Alfonso
    Jesus, broken now to make me whole
    Jesus, of my heart take control
    Jesus, all I want is more of you
    More of you
  2. Spending Time Adoring You by Margo. B. Smith
    Sending Up A Prayer by Margo B Smith
    This is a song/prayer to our Lord expressing a loving desire to spend time in His presence adoring Him. As I wrote this song I was reflecting on how much I love to visit the perpetual adoration chapel and be in the Lord’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament. In His presence there is peace, healing, joy and love. In the silence, He speaks to us.
  3. Holy God, We Praise Your Great Name by Nick Alexander
    Holy God We Praise Your Great Name by Nick Alexander
    A lively, reverent update to the classic hymn.
  4. Open Book by Teresa Smith
    Teresa Smith
    The song was inspired actually during my time of adoration - about going to adoration, his real presence, and speaks of Jesus' ability to "read" us well even though we may not be able to put into words something that may be weighing heavy on our hearts.
  5. With You by Sean Clive
    Sean Clive
    "Come away with me for a while to a place set apart…" Sometimes all you need is quiet. If you meet Him daily, you realize that all the other parts of your day are spent walking with the Lord. (Mark 6:31a)
  6. Jesus, Teacher by Michael Howard

    Teach me how to live like you
    Show me how to pray
    Humble me in all I do
    I’ll follow you, just lead the way
  7. Quiet Here With You by Lynn Geyer
    Journey to Forgiveness by Lynn Geyer
    The awesome humility we can experience as we sit quietly before the Lord.
  8. Holy Are You, Lord by Mark Mallett

    This is my favorite song to sing before the Blessed Sacrament. I recall how my ministry team would gather before the tabernacle, and raise our voices in this song until we were drenched in God's presence.
  9. Psalm 123 by Valerie Von Fange
    Steadfast Love by Valerie Von Fange
    A beautiful praise song based on Psalm 123
  10. You Are Enough by Celeste Zepponi
    You Are Enough by Celeste Zepponi
    My producer Joe Hand and I always start our work sessions with prayer. This particular song was written as a result of one of those prayer times. I will never forget Joe sitting across from me, holding my hands and praying. I was in tears that morning, feeling out of place... Joe prayed for a long time. His voice was comforting, as if Jesus was speaking to me through him. I kept hearing the words: I am enough, I am enough, I am enough for you. Do not worry about your ministry,your age, or what it takes to produce this offering of praise. I have given you everything you need to accomplish this work. I am enough for you. The next morning I wrote this song. We never know where God is leading, especially when we feel the weakest. But, if we are in prayer, we can be sure God is listening and He has a plan. God is enough.

Feel free to listen in to each of these songs, and make them your own. These iMixes are set up easily so that you can download them to your computer, and listen to them on your MP3 player... or you can burn them onto a CD and listen to them there. It will bring a greater sense of devotion to the practice of Eucharistic Adoration.


i just love to listen gospels

i just love to listen gospels songs
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