Witness - Franciscan University Youth Conferences

Every year Franciscan University of Steubenville plays host to a series of youth/young adult conference weekends that provide great talks, inspiring worship, opportunities for adoration and confession, and great, great fun. This year, is no exception. The theme of the conferences this year is "Witness", and the accompanying verse is Acts 1:8.

From the Franciscan Youth Website:

The promise of God is that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, we will receive power. What is that power? How do we access that power? How do we use that power? Pope Benedict VXI, himself, recently wrote, "Who is the Holy Spirit? It is a fact that for many Christians He is still the "great unknown." This summer we will seek not just to learn about the Holy Spirit, but to get to know Him as the living presence of God in our lives. And we will get to know His power – the power he wants us to have that we might be witnesses.

And what is it that we are to witness to? The undeniable reality that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of our heavenly Father, took on flesh and became a man like us, except without sin. And that this Jesus, who through signs and wonders revealed His divinity to all whose hearts were open, committed the ultimate act of love and sacrifice by taking up the cross and dying on that cross in our place. Through His death, Jesus conquered our greatest enemy – death. And now, through faith in Jesus and the waters of Baptism, we have been brought into the family of God and have access to heaven through our union with Jesus. That is our faith! That is our hope! That is what needs to be proclaimed to our lost and dying world!

But a witness is more than someone who talks. A witness shows through his life that Jesus is Lord. The word "martyr" in Greek means witness. That is why there is blood on our logo – to remind us that being a true witness to Christ may cost us our very lives.

Here at TopCatholicSongs we wish to provide a great service to those who will be driving long distances, and for those who wish to be reminded of the themes throughout the year: the "Franciscan Steubenville Youth - Witness" playlist is a list of phenomenal songs from both Catholic and Contemporary Christian artists whose very songs reinforce the themes of this weekend.

  1. Witness by Bob Rice on Steubenville Theme Songs
  2. Evangelize by Nick Alexander on Eternal Life: The Party Album
  3. Go Make A Difference by Steve Angrisano on Make A Difference
  4. As It Is In Heaven by Matt Maher on Overflow
  5. Jesus Freak (Live) by tobyMac on Alive and Transported (Live)
  6. Ignatius Of Antioch (Like Wheat) by Fr. Kent O'Connor on Saints
  7. I Cannot Tell It All by Tom Booth on Find Us Ready
  8. It's Time by Last Day on We're Here
  9. From Nothing to Everything by Ben Walther on Where I Want to Be
  10. In the End by Full Armor on Against the Flow
  11. Mission's Flame by Matt Redman on Facedown
  12. Tears of the Saints by Leeland on Sound of Melodies
  13. Ain't No Party by Fr. Stan Fortuna on Sacro Song 3
  14. Dare You to Move by Switchfoot on The Beautiful Letdown
  15. Follow the Son by Valerie Von Fange on Steadfast Love
  16. Doing Something by Sean Clive on Amazed
  17. City On A Hill by Third Day on City On a Hill - Songs of Worship and Praise
  18. Here I Go Again by Casting Crowns on Casting Crowns
  19. (Ichthus) by Nick Alexander on I Wanna Be Debated
  20. Be God's by Danielle Rose on Mysteries
  21. You Will Reign by Gerard Faucheux on How Can You Think of Me? (studio Version)
  22. Open Wide The Doors by Martin Doman on Praying Twice, Vol II
  23. Inside by Chris Padgett on Golden
  24. Tell the World by Hillsong United on Look to You
  25. Share It With The World by Critical Mass on Completely
  26. God of Justice by Tim Hughes on We Must Go (Soul Survivor Live 2005)
  27. Let Your Kingdom Come by Sovereign Grace Music on Valley of Vision
  28. Micah 6:8 by Charlie Hall on Flying Into Daybreak
  29. Salt and Light by Jami Smith on Immerse
  30. Hero (Red Pill Mix) by Superchick on Regeneration
  31. Teaching Them to Read by Nick Alexander on Eternal Life: The Party Album
  32. Song of a Servant by Bob Filoramo on My Beacon of Hope
  33. Go Light Your World by Mel Kennedy w/ M-N-M Music on Hope-N-Light
  34. For Zion's Sake by John Michael Talbot on The Regathering
  35. Go Out And Tell by Bobby Fisher & Who Do You Say I Am on Go Out And Tell

Be energized in your faith, be motivated to be bold for Christ, and be inspired to give your all for Him.


Hi I enjoyed myself at the

Hi I enjoyed myself at the San Diego Witness conference. I was passed the CD Witness and the song that touched me was Father We Stand. At the conference the booklet didn't have any lyrics in it. Is it possible that you could provide the lyrics for me? Thanks and God Bless
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