Creator of Beauty and Giver of Light (Easterling, NETTLETON)

There's no need to get your hiking boots... We have some lovely scores to carry you right over those purple mountains majesty and through any patriotic occasion as well! Whether your church goes full Red, White, and Blue with a brass ensemble or you just need a quick and easy hymn descant, we have you covered. Have a look at some of the featured music to get started. 

But wait! There's more! We’ll also be publishing lots of new music this summer to look ahead to the fall. We just published a great text by Beverly Easterling, “Creator of Beauty and Giver of Light” set by Mark Schweizer for Unison/Solo, Keyboard, and C Instrument. The tune Nettleton is quoted throughout. Would work as a solo or quick summer anthem. The text is appropriate for St. Francis Day, Christ the King, Thanksgiving, or Evensong. The SATB version will be coming later in the summer!

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What a wonderful piece.  I loved the video also as it scrolled and I could follow and attempt to sing along.  Hopefully you get a lot of parishes interested in this and your other selections. 

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Thank you!

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