Frazier Riddell asks: Who will save this world?

Frazier Riddell made a comment today on a song posted here at TCS. He mentions that he is a co-songleader at church, having added guitar to the mix a few years ago (which initially was not heartily embraced by some of the older generation). I thought I'd click on the web site link Riddell gave ( I am pleased with what I see. Check out Frazier's words and music styling.

Frazier Riddell

Excerpt from Frazier's CMS Records page: 

"All is well. God has blessed me tremendously, whether I choose to recognize that in emotions and feelings from day to day or not. I got food. I got shelter. I got a wife and son who love me. I got lots of family who love me. A top 10 song wouldn't hurt my feelings, but even if that never happens, I AM BLESSED NONE THE LESS. I still play music at Church, Nursing Homes, Weddings, Restaurants & Bars. I have folks that love and appreciate what I do, and tell me so. Peace to all of you. We live in some tough times, and holding on to faith in God and Jesus is not easy. Hang in there. Even if you don't "Believe" just like me, if you aren't against me, we'll be alright." FRAZIER

Here are two of Frazier's many albums, with his own comments:

Who Will Save This World?

"This CD speaks not to answers, but to questions I have sought the answers to for over 20 years – and even now they elude me. I have not given into defeat, but I have learned to give defeat the respect it does deserve. After all, it's a tool of the Creator, in the context of ultimate light. Bad things don't happen to good people. There are no bad or good people. There are people. These people have a choice to do good or to do bad. "You can drink beer and love Jesus" is just a song given to me from my life experience. Some will condemn this song while others will embrace it as a license to sin. This song embraces both, in hopes they may eventually follow the light. Timing is everything in music & in life. I hope the humorous songs on this CD find you at the right time. I hope the same for the more serious songs. Written message aside, I have attempted also to make good music. I hope you enjoy listening to this & I hope a bulb of joy might spring into your life, even if only for a moment, so that this music will have served its higher purpose. These songs are to be viewed as a small light shining on the human condition." – Frazier Riddell, 9-29-04 Canton, MS

Southern Man

"Southern Man is a song about my father who had just recently passed in August of 2012.  At his funeral, this song came full circle.  I wrote this song in 1990, but for some reason had never put it on a CD though my family loved the song.  In '09 the song made it to CD as title track.  Then, I ended up singing this song at my Father's funeral, giving the song a whole new life to many friends of my Father who had never heard the song.  It was a very moving time. Any person from a farming family will relate to Southern Man (see my bio for more info).  I have learned to appreciate my Father more & more with time.  Also not so ironic is that time lets me see a connection.  Small farmers have faced the same problems that small singer/songwriters and all self employed people face. You work your tail off, you put in extra hours that people never see, and all to scrape enough to feed & insure the family & keep Uncle Sam satisfied.  It boggles my mind to think of keeping up with the Jones'.  And to think I'm way better off than so many people on this planet."  – Frazier Riddell




Thanks for shining some light on my good friend Frazier. He introduced me to "Christian music" back in the early 80s and I got to be his roommate for several years in both college and in Nashville.

He's a cool man, a musical talent and a true believer. The world would be a much better place if there were more like him.

Thanks again.

Mark H. Stowers 

Frazier bump

You're welcome. Mark. Frazier's music reminds me of Tom Petty.

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