Take Up Our Cross

Nick Alexander writes: I was really taken aback when I heard this song for the first time. It is truly a remarkable achievement by Curtis Stephan, Sarah Hart and Marc Byrd. It's simple, but it's very deep and profound. I cannot endorse this song enough. (Now, only if the spiritandsong gurus provide a way for this MP3 to be made available for purchase...). Addendum by R.Schletty, 2/11/14: Purchase MP3 and sheet music at one of these sources: http://www.spiritandsong.com/search?query=take+up+our+cross http://www.ocp.org/compositions/81117#tab:sheetmusic http://www.amazon.com/Take-Up-Our-Cross/dp/B008PJ3HBW H/T: T.C. Long


Lyrics for "Take Up Our Cross"

Lyrics for "Take Up Our Cross" by Sarah Hart, Curtis Stephan, Curtis Stephan, Sarah Hart, Marc Byrd http://www.spiritandsong.com/compositions/81117 1. Behold the wood that bears our name; behold the nails that hold our sin. The tree from which salvation blooms; the death by which we're born again. Refrain We take up our cross and follow him; we lay down our lives that we might live. We carry the hope of Christ within; we take up our cross and follow him. 2. We embrace the sacrifice, and walk the path we cannot see. The burdens of this world made light; by blood and thorn we are redeemed. (to Refrain) Bridge Lift him high, lift him high; let his name be glorified. Lift him high, lift him high; let his name be glorified.

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nice song - Take Up Our Cross

I have been co-leading music at my church, Sacred Heart Church Canton MS, for a few years now. It was a new thing, to add guitar to the mass, and there were some who were Not happy. But time marches on, and I have been surprised over time how well the older of the congregation have been open to embrace the newer songs. God is good. I LOVE to do the old traditional songs, and do them quite a bit. I am always looking for something in our book, that actually has a more modern times feel. This is a great song, with lyrics that are not new, but really traditional, but the tune itself, especially the rhythmic feel, is modern and of this current time. I was glad to stumble upon this song this morning while looking for possible songs for this coming sunday. Peace - Frazier Riddell

To Frazier re Take Up Our Cross

Thanks, Frazier, for your words of appreciation for this song. I encourage you to sign on as a registered user so you can make comments w/o needing to be approved by the moderator. Please check back every so often and let us know how it's going. I'd be interested in knowing what songs you do with guitar at your church. What hymnal do you use? Is piano part of your ensemble? Other instruments? How do you balance traditional and contemporary songs? I also play guitar and sing for Masses at my church. Regards, Richard

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