Learn how to notate with Sibelius 6. Engrave pro-looking sheet music.

My friend and music associate, André van Haren, has posted a complete series of instructional videos for Sibelius 6, an awesome music notation program. If anyone has thought about learning to engrave professional looking sheet music, this is your quick start! – Richard Schletty

André recently posted this overview of "object checking" – a summary of several videos posted here in the Forums and at YouTube. Please watch and comment. See complete list of Sibelius 6 tips in the TCS Forums.

Sibelius Quick Tip 25 - Object Check part 6 - overview

In this 6th part of the series titled "Object Check," I show you how I check a couple of pages for all the things I talked about in the other videos of this "Object Check" series. This time it's more doing than talking! 

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And if you need a Sibelius 6 tip about something that you have problems with, please let me know and I will dive in it right away!

André van Haren

Gothenburg, Sweden

See complete list of Sibelius 6 tips in the TCS Forums


Thanks, Richard!

Thanks for posting, Richard! I really hope Sibelius users will be helped by these videos and posts.

best wishes,


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