Exceptional Pro-Life Songs

Going to a rally this coming week? Get yourself inspired by these songs that will encourage you to stand for life. (originally published January 17, 2008)

Precious Unborn Child by Margo B. Smith https://apple.co/3xzdDvK

Whispers from Heaven by Donna Lee https://apple.co/3ObXvaE

Masterpiece by Trish Foti Genco https://apple.co/3O7sXXR

Oh, Baby of Mine by Elizabeth Schmeidler https://apple.co/3xIdq9D

My Adopted Son by Katrina Rae https://apple.co/3zRbn64

Every Thought and Every Word by Joel Stein https://apple.co/3xDg4h7

Can You See Me by Bob Metivier https://apple.co/3HEWJjZ

Unborn Victims of Violence by Fr. Stan Fortuna https://apple.co/3zPgZNY


The song "Can You See Me" is

The song "Can You See Me" is very powerful for me. I'm impressed with how well it communicates and challenges without chastising.
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