Marian songs needed for gentle recovery ministry

Here is a request from a new TCS user, Suzanne. If you can assist Suzanne, please make a comment below or contact her through her web site. – Richard Schletty, TCS editor.

I am a Licensed Pastoral Therapist. I have been a Catholic consecrated Salesian since 2000.

I offer pure essential oils of the bible (organic or high medical grade) with soothing music and a light compassionate touch, applying the oils in an atmosphere of prayer. It is very similar to what St. Hildegard Von Bingen did in Germany within the Monastery walls, seeking to aid all the pilgrims who came to her.

I am on a very limited budget and I would truly like to add more of my Catholic heritage to my ministry. I am in search of permission as well as private help for devoted Catholics in choosing Marian songs that flow with the Rosary, the Sacraments and the Holy Mass. I would like to know how I can have permission (if applicable to my ministry) to play songs that become selected. 

My purpose is to use the five senses for an even deeper flow of gentle recovery – with compassion for each person that comes to me. 

I have Catholic CDs in general but none of the above nature. I am hopeful in hearing from the group soon. 


Suzanne Beaudoin D.PSc     


Music ideas


Here are some sources of music for your gentle recovery ministry. I know these artists personally and am sure you can receive permission to use their songs.

Also, check out music by Jim Cowan, Songs of Praise, Maranatha/Integrity and John Michael Talbot.

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