Let It Reign

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Let It Reign Michael McBride - April 2018
Album Copyright SR-859-514
Sundays, I take a walk and go to church where I would go when I was just a kid
I’d say, nobody noticed me, but I could see the wrong in what I might a did
The altar call is all I need to wake me up
And now I fall onto my knees to drink this cup
I pray with the living and here we will pray for the dead
We pray wash away our sins while we drink this wine, we eat this bread
Oh, oh, oh hold on, this love is a hurricane and it’s about to rain
I was down and out and I was feeling low and I could only go from there to above
I was hiding inside, holding in all this pain
I thirst for water, give me living water, living water wash my sins all away
Hey, I want this love, this love that will sustain, let It reign, oh
Outside, the rain comes along from crashing clouds above, oh
Thunder and light blow up the sky, oh
This storm is crushing this dry and thirsty crave for love, oh
Rain down and wash our sins away, oh
Let It reign, let Your love reign
Make way for the future, it takes you away from the past
Sometimes life hits like a tidal wave
It goes so fast, so make it last
Oh, oh, oh hold on, when life brings a hurricane, let it rain, let it rain

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Let It Reign – a rockin' altar call

This is awesome, Michael. The lyrics overflow with emotion. What a testimony to the transformative power of the Body of Christ. Well produced, well sung! I can see this being perfromed on stage. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Let It Reign Video!

Mark Lajoie here speaking for Living Waters! The video for this is now over 6000 plays on YouTube. For any who venture here we would be beholden to you if you go take a look at that and subscribe to our site!
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Thank you so much! I am not sure what that means, but I more than willing to do anything to promote this video.

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