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Hi everyone,

I released an contemporary Catholic album this year called Flicker in the Dusk. It is available on streaming services. Here is a link that will direct to a page where you can select which streaming service you prefer: 

this is the spotify link:

I uploaded the song Bloom with this post, it is a pro life song built around the idea that every life is a little gift to the world. 

I hope you enjoy the music. 



Don't Be Afraid to Shine that Light

Listened to this whole record last night and went kind of nuts over the "Don't Be Afraid to Shine that Light" track.  Also enjoyed the natural approach to vocals, I think it fits the style of your music.  For our vocals we had to comp like crazy and Melodyne the heck out of the General Secretary's Nephew's voice to get his privileged tail to sing in tune. 


Thank you

Thank you for listening, I also enjoyed the song you posted, great orchestration. Will keep an eye out for more of your work in the future. 
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