Breathe on me- An upbeat prayer to the Holy Spirit

Color Music Ministry released  2 new songs for celebrating the recent feast of Pentecost..., the first is Prayer to the Holy Spirit...this is the second, in contrast to the first one which is meant for quiet and meditative worship, this one is meant for praise and worship, and some dancing with the Holy Spirit.

Breathe on me Holy Spirit is also available on our Contemplative Worship Podcast and via SoundCloud



Enjoyable vocal harmonies

I grew up in an evangelical denomination that used only a cappella music and this song, especially the first and last parts with the call-and-response styling, reminds me of this same type of music we sometimes sang.  Enjoyed.  Thank you for sharing!

Enjoyable vocal harmonies

Captain, thanks for your lovely feedback and for taking the time to comment.   I'm happy that the music could transport you to happy days growing up.  God bless.

audra from Color


Breathe on Me

This sounds good. Reminscent of circle singing and Sacred Harp singing, with harmonic layering and improvised solos led by the Spirit. Well done.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

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