Praise to the New Eve

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"Praise to the New Eve" is part of a parody art project that reimagines Maoist-era Chinese Communist Party propaganda songs as Catholic anthems. The original, "Learn from Lei Feng's Good Example", encourages Chinese to look to the peasant Lei Feng as a good Communist role model while "Praise to the New Eve" encourages Catholics to honor Mary as she honors Christ. The song uses the pentatonic scale, widely used in China, for the melody but is styled as a marching band tune typical of Cultural Revolution-era music propaganda.

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Praise to the New Eve
We all call her blessed
Sinners everywhere send an S.O.S.
While Eve fell to Satan’s advance
To carry Our Lord, Our Lady said, “Yes”
Her heel crushed Evil’s head and now sin is suppressed!

Praise to the New Eve
We all call her blessed
Lady donned in blue, wrapped in stars, and sun-dressed
She called on Christ for she needed a Savior
So, from her conception, her amount of sin was ‘none’
Cooperate with Christ and sinners will be won!

Praise to the New Eve
We all call her blessed
Her part in the plan forced the dark to reassess
We’re proud to call her Mother Mary
See how a humble virgin was raised to a great height
Repent, get your life right, and be part of the light!

Praise to the New Eve
We all call her blessed
Known throughout the world and her name won’t evanesce
She points to Christ and reflects God’s glory
May we learn from her to know Christ and adore
May our souls magnify the Lord!

Artist: Captain Hogcurl's Dacha Porch
Title: Praise to the New Eve
Album: Praise to the New Eve
Track: 1
Genre: Catholic Inspirational
Year: 2021
Composer: Benjamin Faust
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Good mood!

There is something about the way you deliver your music that puts me in an upbeat and good mood whenever I hear it. It's extremely unique and catchy. I really enjoy the originality and it keeps my head bopping and thinking at the same time. Keep up the great work!

- Alex.

Wow! Thank you so much, Alex.

Wow! Thank you so much, Alex. Glad you found encouragement from it. :-) 

In lockstep for Our Lady

Upbeat. In lockstep with our Marian tradition. Have the Kremlin or the CCP contacted you yet about usurping their tunes? LOL. 

Keep going! What a unique project!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Copyright and Communism

Thank you, sir! No issues with copyright so far.  These aren't copywritten in China but some are in the USA weirdly enough.  I'm confident my use is "fair use" as parody.  This is partially why the silly communist band name, etc, to reinforce that it's lawful parody.  Only issue I've had is the rightsholder wanted to retain rights for my use of the melody for "Without the Catholic Church, We'd Have No Holy Bible" by running potential ads for their benefit on YouTube.  I can challenge this but haven't yet. That track is based on probably the most famous and well-known Communist Party propaganda song in China, called, "Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China".  The others no issues at all, and the way they are handling the one I just told you about is docile and I doubt will cause me or anyone trouble.  
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