Just Some Lyrics

1st Verse:

Falling through the church doors is how it started

Like it was calling me to not go in half hearted...

Before long my wife took me to mass

Which is why I wanna make songs inspired from the book to wax...

Reflecting but being present too

Not dissecting the blessings just letting them be true...

I need to keep my heart open every time the bible is

And take a leap of faith with this art hoping it is a reliable gift...

But it's all for Gods glory and I'm still learning

Our lives are unique story's with hills but we keep the candles burning

And handle life by staying determined...

But I'm not a priest or a saint

Learning to stay on both feet when life makes me faint

Starts with when I pray then I can add paint...

To the right canvas at the right time

I don't wanna fight but on Sunday I'll have wine.


These are trying times

Don't wanna hide from the divine...

So my heart stays open

And I let the dark know I'm not broken.

2nd Verse:

The are many lessons in life but I haven't graduated

Plenty of blessings in sight - when it comes to God I'm infatuated...

Being a better person than I was yesterday is a start

When life's a mess I pray and do it with my heart

Sometimes it's the stress that stays and life can seem dark...

The priest at my church is humble and welcomes us

Problems can turn to rubble and when the dust...

Settles - I am almost lost for words

But foremost I look at the world...

And it is such a perfect design

It's so easy to get immersed in the divine...

Love wins in the end

And brings back what we send...

In one way or another

Each Sunday you can count on a sister or brother

Got to teach myself discipline when it comes to the father. 


Hearing your voice

Hey Alex~

Having peroused your work here and on a music service a time or two, when I read these words the voice I heard in my head was yours. More tracks in the works? 

Hello Captain

At the moment I'm almost out of lyrics but I hope to do another project. I was thinking of doing a full length album that is a concept piece, but I'm not sure which direction I should go. Maybe incorporate some of my life story and my journey with Christ. Anyway I hope to write and record more soon. I also wanted to let you know that the track you did about the Catholic Church and Holy Bible is extremely catchy, unique and just straight up awesome. All the best, Alex.

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words.

The creative process is interesting in that it can feel like output comes from nowhere and other times the creative can push himself to make output. If you want more output but it's not coming, force yourself and see what happens! (This free advice is worth what you paid for it)

Yes, we have others, all in the same vein, and more coming. At present this continuously updated YouTube playlist is the most concise place to hear them though all are available for download here on Top Catholic Songs: Communist Songs Reimagined As Catholic Anthems - Captain Hogcurl.s Dacha Porch

By the way, two of the tracks in that playlist were of the "wow, this was out of nowhere" creative variety and one was forced and born out of self discipline of our lyricist. And that forced track, "Praise to the New Eve", came out okay.  All the best on your work, I keep an eye on you here :-) 

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